The historical swordplay company “Domini Scepusii – The lords of the Zips” has been established in 1995. The roots of the company may be traced twenty years into the past. However, the smouldering embers didn’t begin to fire brightly sooner than in 1997, after the performance on the occasion of Spis Castle opening for summer tourist season.


  Members of the company after this experience dived with yet more vigour to study “so little available literature”, with topics such as military history, weapon manufacture and use in various periods. The interesting part of studies consisted of the knowledge of the life and history of past societies, be they guilds, townsfolk or aristocracy, their clothing, use of manufacture tools and technologies. First invitations came. At the end of the 1997 season there were 17 of them. After many dissapointments and many successes and encouragements from both known and unknown spectators, the appreciation came, in the form of an invitation to perform abroad, which poured into the hearts new strength and resolution to carry on.


  Nowadays the company has regular performances both at Slovak castles and abroad

(Czech Republic, Poland), it performs on various occasions for broad public at markets, swordplay festivals, balls, at social events of business companies, co-operates with film producers and Slovak television and Markiza television.


  The company has organised together with Spis museum in Levoca four annual International festivals of historical sworplay groups at Spis Castle, wandering in Spis Castle courtyards, knight contests at Spis chalet, Days of Master Paul of Levoca and tournaments of historical swordplay in Poland.


Today the company has 30 members.